MDL Marketing

                       $5120 Every 60 To 90 days!

Dear Prosperity Seeker,

We would like to extend a special invitation for you to join the $30 Club. We are a group of “like-minded” persons who “think outside of the box” of cheap, illegal and useless programs. We have banded together for the mutual success of one another. Our mission is to help each other prosper in these difficult and stressful times of financial lack and economic uncertainty. Through our simple system, we have created an opportunity that is designed to succeed where other cash-generating systems fail.

1) Our system is affordable for ANYONE to join. There is NO monthly requirement and you DO NOT  need a computer or bank account. You only need to send a $10 registration fee for your Startup Kit then send a $20 gift ONE - TIME to only ONE person. Your Startup Kit will include 90 mailing labels and a master copy of the postcard and flyer. Just follow the simple instructions to mail your postcards or flyers to the name labels you receive. We even offer a “NO WORK” option.

2) Our system is private. Only those who send your gift will see your name and address. This prevents you from receiving a flood of junk mail and counter offers from those who would steal your name. Furthermore, the postcard and flyer pre-qualify your prospects and weeds out the “curious” from the serious. Only highly-motivated people will send 10 Forever stamps or $5 to receive this Invitation.

3) Our system is self-monitored. Each person who responds will notify you when they enroll. They will also send you a book of 20 Forever Stamps ($11 Value). This will help offset the cost to mail your flyers.

4) Our system is cheat proof. You will receive a verification form with the name of the person you should send a $20 gift. Just complete the top of the form and include it when you send your gift. They will complete the bottom of the form and return to us so we can activate your enrollment and send your Startup Kit.

This prevents anyone from joining who has not sent their gift.

5) Our system is low-cost to promote. You only need to mail postcards or flyers until 4 “like-minded” people notify you they have joined. We even help you find them. However, if you prefer to do a larger mailing with NO WORK -- we can print and mail your postcards for ONLY 50¢ EACH (less than the cost of a Forever Stamp). We even offer a system to advertise over the Internet and in classified ads.

6) You receive FREE mailings of your postcard and flyer. When you activate your enrollment by sending your $20 gift, we mail flyers and postcards FOR YOU to help you invite your first two members. If you enroll then do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE, you could receive $320.00! (2x2x2x2x$20)

7) Our system moves lightning fast. There are ONLY 4 levels in the system so that your name moves quickly into the Receiver position, where you start receiving $20 GIFTS. If you enroll 4 people who also enroll 4 people through all four levels of your downline – you could receive $5,120.00 in gifts! (4x4x4x4x$20)

8) After you enroll 2 people, you are offered a NEW POSITION so you can send a gift to a different member and repeat the process all over again! Plus postcards and flyers are mailed FOR YOU in EACH new position you accept. This enables you to re-enter as many times as you wish, generating $1,000’s OVER AND OVER -- FROM MANY OF THE SAME PEOPLE! This prevents saturation of the system and eliminates the need to constantly find new people.

9) Through the support of MDL Marketing, you are always able to obtain fresh, new master copies of your postcard, flyer and names of Opportunity Buyers (not seekers) who have not seen this system. This is provided at minimal cost to ensure that EVERYONE SUCCEEDS, who participates in this simple, low-cost program.

10) Most important, our system is LEGAL. Through the Gift Tax Exclusion (see IRS Publication 559), you can receive a monetary gift of up to $15,000 within a tax year, from any single individual with NO TAX LIABILITY.

To accept our invitation into the $30 Club, complete the simple form below. Return with $10 CASH ONLY, neatly concealed in dark paper and enclosed in an envelope you cannot see through. You will receive your Registration pack. After you enroll and receive your Startup Kit, you could receive a minimum of gifts totaling $5,120.00 every 60 to 90 days! Welcome in advance and we look forward to supporting you in our mutual success!

                                                                    YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! 


                 $30 Club Enrollment Form / Copy & Paste Order Form To Print, Complete and Mail to:

          MDL Marketing Services • 332 S. Michigan #121-L379
                            Chicago IL 60604-4302

Enclosed is $10 CASH (neatly concealed) for my Startup Kit. Please send my registration pack so I can send my $20 gift to the Receiver and notify my Inviter that I have enrolled. I understand that once the Receiver verifies they received my gift, I will receive my Startup Kit so I can mail postcards and flyers to enroll others and receive $20 Gifts. I also understand you will mail postcards for me to help enroll my first 2 members.

Name: ________________________________________________




Inviter Code (In the Ad You Received): 30DC-1000- 1006