The Next Big Thing


                                     THE NEXT BIG THING! 

Who would have thought 10 years ago we would be where we are at with technology?! I can’t ever say that when I used to go to a Blockbuster Video store to rent a movie for the weekend that I would have thought it possible to stream it through my television. Or that I can buy digital copies of movies I like and they are stored in a video library for me to pull up anytime I like. Technology has made things convenient and personalized. What if I told you, that technology has also come a long ways in the marketing game! As things have changed, so has the way we market our businesses to people. The good news……no, the GREAT news is: there is a cost efficient way for you to market to your customers and market to potential customers and it is completely convenient and personalized. I am talking about the Bluetooth Smart or BLE Beacons!

What are they you ask? They are little, energy efficient devices that transmit a Bluetooth signal that can broadcast coupons, offers, web pages, and other pertinent information pertaining to your business.

 Any smart device with Bluetooth technology will have the ability to pick up the signal and notify the device owner. These devices can transmit to up to 100 meters (about 328 feet) from where they are placed. They can be mounted on walls, countertops, ceilings or even carried in your pocket! They can be left in public places like shopping malls to transmit a signal to advertise your business.  We will program any messages or advertisements that you want to promote - just let us know!



* You don't have to do any of the programming - We take care of that for you

*  Pay a one time fee and the beacon is yours - No monthly fees or additional costs

* You can purchase multiple beacons or you can create a landing page on your site where your message can be  edited and changed as often as you like (If you need help with a landing page we have support that can assist you with that as well for a great price).

Any business or organization that has a product or service to provide can benefit from a Proximity Marketing Beacon as a means of advertising.  

Let's say your place of business is situated in an area where there are several other similar establishments (ex.  restaurants).  What advantage could you have that could influence a customer to patronize your business over the others?  If the customer would receive notifications on their smartphone listing special bonuses and discounts being offered by your business!

Businesses have seen their sales double in the first year of using a beacon and then steadily increasing thereafter, dramatically affecting their bottom line.

Beacons are expected to generate over 52 Billion Dollars in sales by 2022 so now is the perfect time to change up your marketing! Such large retailers as Macy's, Target and Walmart have already started implementing beacons into their stores.  They are also being deployed in sports and concert arenas, airports, trade shows and museums that hope to engage and learn more about their customers.

To learn all you need to know about Proximity Marketing Beacons please visit my website below.  The website will also tell you how you can cash in on this "NEXT BIG THING" by becoming an Authorized Affiliate where you can offer this service and get paid big commissions!

This is the business of the FUTURE! This is your Golden Opportunity to get in on the ground floor!     

                                                                                                                                                                  Ronald C Bolden    

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